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Patrick O'Doherty

Irishman in San Francisco. Amateur photographer, musician, artist and electronics tinkerer. Professional security computer comrade. Proprietor of Cafe Sophie. Primary account - this account is for fedi-experiments.

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Years ago, I got to interview and hang out with Kevin Smith backstage before a show, and he was incredibly kind and generous with his time.

It's good that he's now talking openly about his mental health struggles, and I know he's worried that he's going to get hate for it so I'm sharing this for the positive vibes that should be sent his way.

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The inventor of the hashtag @chrismessina just quit Twitter

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“running a Nazi bar is not […] standing up for free speech. It’s building your own brand as the Nazi bar and abdicating your own free speech rights of association […].”
"your reputation when you refuse to moderate is not “the grand enabler of free speech.” Because it’s the internet itself that is the grand enabler of free speech. When you’re a private centralized company and you don’t deal with hateful content on your site, you’re the Nazi bar.”

From @mmasnick:

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RT @d0tslash
Still blows me away how many folks don't understand that claw machines probability is heavily influenced.

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Ask for help if you need it.

Apologies for any follow-noise resulting from the recreation of this server!

Guess who locked themselves out of their Takahe server host and had to re-create it? (thankfully a very easy task with nix). I accidentally removed the "tailscale" module from the host's Nix definition and it disabled the service *exactly* as I asked it to leaving me with no means of access. 2Secure4Me

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